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About Katrina

Katrina admits, she’s bit rebellious so this “About Me” page won’t display a regurgitation of her resume (although you can go to my LinkedIn page to check it out) which quite frankly only confirms her “rebel with a cause” personality (BOTH of my parents admittedly were/are hippies). Instead this bio (clearly written in third person) is not meant for you to understand who Katrina is because that’s an ongoing journey or where Katrina has honed her business skills from but more importantly why Katrina “is”. Katrina is always on the search for truth in all things she embarks upon, she believes that life is best lived through your heart and by living it seeking light through darkness. She believes in creativity when conformity is the norm. She finds creativity and beauty in things many find quite mundane (a “hot” tv night includes “American Greed” a lil’ bit of “NatGeo” or “history Channel” mixed in with some business, or accounting reading). When others see the world in black and white, Katrina believes all things are possible when you know the source of life comes from God. Thus anything is possible in any of us. She offers a warm smile a kind heart, a lot of laughter, a progressively evolving opinion and a weak-spot for helping people even to the sometimes detriment of her well-being.

Katrina is the consummate Phoenix, rising and failing more times than she can count yet learning each time through her professional fails her true mission and purpose in business. To seek and offer truth in ALL things and being herself while doing it. Unapologetically yet always with LOVE. Katrina only has one passion and that is to serve her creative spirit. The by products of that are her business ventures, her children, and her funky red hair, taste in music and food, all creative and scattered. She challenges authority only in the pursuit of peace and fairness and loves herself some children 😉 She’s a native of Washington, DC, College in NJ, started a family then moved to NC where she currently resides. YourSimple Bookkeeper, Inc. is her latest venture emboding the mission of empowerment and service.

Why Katrina M Harrell? Because there’s a part in all of us professional women who want to play by our own rules but feel constrained by form. Why? Because life is not about mimicking others to reach a level of success, but being uniquely you, and making 1000 mistakes along the way! Why? Because Katrina is passionate about everything she does whether you agree with it or not. Why? Because I hope I can encourage other women to “Be and Do You.”

Katrina M. Harrell

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